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You go to this person to have your hair cut

This person works in an office.



1. This

person know

s a lot about money.

1. This

? accountant

scientist studies the chemistry of living things.

This person works underground

1. This

person must do many things – including directing the traffic.



1. We

ask this person He or she to put electricity in works in business homes.



1. This

He or she prepares meals in a restaurant

person has offered to do a job – and may not be paid for doing it.




The Human Traffic Signal

Teaching aims
? To master some important phrases and sentence structures ? To improve the skimming and scanning skills & comprehensive reading ability ? To learn from Timoteo and do whatever we can to make contributions to our society

? 多民族玻利维亚国是南美洲的一个内陆国家, 为南美洲国家联盟的成员国。邻国有巴西、秘 鲁、智利、阿根廷、巴拉圭五国,法定首都为 苏克雷,但实际上的政府所在地为拉巴斯,拉 巴斯海拔高度超过3,600米,为世界海拔最高的 首都。玻利维亚目前是南美洲最贫穷落后的国 家,因于政府的高度腐败和殖民统治以后外国 在该国强大的延展性势力所致。玻利维亚拥有 丰富的自然资源,因此被称为“坐在金矿上的 驴”。除了著名的矿藏,还有为人所熟知的是 在西班牙人入侵后灭亡的印加帝国的遗址。此 外该国还拥有仅次于委内瑞拉的南美洲第二大 天然气田。

Fast reading

Listen and match the headings with the paragraphs.
the man the road

Para 1 Para 2 Para 3

The reason why he does it

Careful Reading

at high altitude 1 在高海拔地区 in bad condition 2 处于糟糕的状态 in particular 3 尤其,特别 4 一方面…另一方面… on one side… on the other side on average 5 平均 every two weeks 6 每两周 in theory/in practice 7 理论上/实际上 thanks to 8多亏,幸亏 direct the traffic 9指挥交通 pass by 10经过 11认为…理所当然 take… for granted 12对…产生影响 have an effect on week in, week out 13一周又一周地 from dawn to dusk 14从早到晚 15 站好位置以备 take up task 10

? La Paz is the highest capital the world. city in ? There areonly one road leadingcondition There is many roads, but in bad to La Paz. a few years later ? Timoteo Apaza did the job just after he left the hospital. a large circular board ask the ? He uses his hand gesture to which is red on car to stop. one side and green on the other ? Timoteo does the job every day.

task 1

Choose the best answers 1. What is Timoteo’s job? A.He’s a policeman B.He’s a lorry driver C.He’s a volunteer who directs the C. traffic 2. Where does he work? A. In a small village in the Andes. B. At the side of a road in the mountains. task 2 C. In La Paz.

3. Why is the road so dangerous? A. It is narrow and in bad condition. B. It is high up in the mountains. C. Drivers don’t respect the traffic rules.
4. What does Timoteo get for directing the traffic? A. A small amount of money from some drivers. B. A small salary from the state. C. No money at all.

5. What made him start this job? A. An accident he had when he was young. B. He likes to change jobs frequently. C. The experience he had helping people in a bus crash. 6. Why does he continue to do the job? A. He loves it. B. He feels he must do it. C. He isn’t qualified to do anything else.

Sentence translation Every morning he climbs up to the bend with a large circular board in his hand.
With复合结构 宾语 宾补 构成:with + ________ +_________ 宾补的几种形式:

doing; done; adj; adv; to do; prep-ph
task 3

巩固练习 with Mr. Chen 1.I’ll make great progress ________________ teaching me __________(有陈老师教我). 2. I can’t go outwith so many people to come _____________________ (有这么多人要来) with the door unlocked 3. He left hurriedly ____________________ (门没锁) 4 With the windows open and the lights on ____________________________________ (窗开着,灯亮着), we found the door locked.

task 4

高考链接 1John received an invitation to dinner, and with his work _____, he gladly accepted it. A finished B finishing C having finished D was finished. 2--- Come on, please give me some ideas about the project. --- Sorry .With so much work _____ my mind, I almost break down. A filled B filling C to fill D being filled 3 With a lot of difficult problems _______,the newly-elected president is having a hard time. A settled B settling C to settle D being settled

task 5

Sentence replacement When the drivers go by, they think it natural (自然的)for Timoteo to direct the traffic. But often they just pass by, taking the human traffic signal for granted. Questions: 1 taking the human traffic signal for granted 做什么成分? 2 Translate the sentence task 6

? Comparing _______(compare) the city life with the country life, you’ll find many differences. staring ? They stood there,_______ (stare) at each other. leaving ? Her husband died,_____ (leave) her five children. Task 7

高考链接 1 ____at my classmates’ faces, I read the same excitement in their eyes. A Looking B Look C To look D Looked 2 _____ in the queue for half an hour, the old man suddenly realized he had left the cheque (支票) in the car. A Waiting B To wait C Having waited D To have waited 3 _____ twice, the postman refused to deliver our letters unless we claimed our dog. A Being bitten B Bitten C Having bitten D To be bitten

task 8

For example: When did you start directing the traffic? Why do you choose to do so? How do you direct the traffic?

Imagine that you are a journalist of Topics in Focus, and your partner is Timoteo, please interview him by asking some questions.

1. 角色扮演,两两合作,一个扮演记者, 一个扮演Timoteo, 根据课文设计采访内 容。 2. Work as a volunteer to help people respect the traffic rules and make contributions to Laiwu setting up the city of civilization and write down your experience .


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