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河南省新乡市新誉佳高级中学2015届高三英语二轮专题卷阅读理解 (4)

河南省新乡市新誉佳高级中学 2015 届高三英语二轮复习 专题卷阅读理解(04)
A Even at school there had been an unhealthy competition between George and Richard. “I’ll be the first millionaire in Coleford!” Richard used to

boast. “And you’ll be sorry you knew me,” George would reply “because I’ll be the best lawyer in town!” George never did become a lawyer and Richard never made any money. Instead both men opened bookshops on opposite sides of Coleford High Street. It was hard to make money from books, which made the competition between them worse. Now with only one bookshop in town, business was better for George. But sometimes he sat in his narrow , old kitchen and gazed out of the dirty window , thinking about his former rival (竞争对手) 。Perhaps he missed him? George was very interested in old dictionaries, He’d recently found a collector in Australia who was selling a rare first edition. When the parcel arrived, the book was in perfect condition and George was delighted. But while he was having lunch, George glanced at the photo in the newspaper that the book had been wrapped in. He was astonished—the smiling face was older than he remembered but unmistakable! Trembling, George started reading. “Bookends have bought ten bookstores from their rivals Dylans. The company, owned by multi-millionaire Richard Pike, is now the largest bookseller in Australia. ” 65. George and Rivhard were A. roommates C. competitors at school. B. good friends D. booksellers

66. How did George feel about Richard after his disappearance? A. He envied Richard’s marriage. B. He thought of Richard from time to time.

C. He felt lucky with no rival in town. D. He was guilty of Richard’s death. 67. George got information about Richard from A. a dictionary collector in Australia B. the latter’s rivals Dylans C. a rare first edition of a dictionary D. the wrapping paper of a book 68. What happened to George and Richard in the end? A. Both George and Richard became millionaires. B. Both of them realized their original ambitions. C. George established a successful business white Richard was missing. D. Richard became a millionaire while George had no great success.B B For years Tom Anderson's life was withered(枯萎) up by the memory of his part in an outdoor adventure that resulted in the death of one of his classmates. He and his wife separated after six years of marriage. Then the news about Tom changed. His wife Betty came back; he earned a fine position in a company. One day he told me what had changed his life: I used to think, ‘Nothing can undo what I have done.’ The thought of my guilt would stop me in the middle of a smile or a handshake. It put a wall between my wife and me. Then I had an unexpected visit from the person I feared most to see —the mother of the college classmate who died. “Years ago”, she said, “I found it in my heart, through prayer, to . Betty forgave you. So did your friends and .

employers.” She paused, and then said strictly, “You are the one person who hasn’t forgiven Tom Anderson. Who do you think you are to stand out against the people of this town and the Lord Almighty?” “I looked into her eyes and found there a kind of permission to be the person I might have been if her boy had lived. For the first time in my adult life I felt worthy to love and be loved.” It is only through forgiveness of our mistakes that we gain the freedom to learn from experience. But forgiving our shortcomings doesn't mean ignoring that they

exist. On the contrary, it means facing them honestly, realistically. Unless you forgive, you cannot love. And without love, life has no meaning. Forgiveness is a good quality. 76. What is the best title of this passage? (Within 10 words)

77. Fill in the blank with proper words to complete the sentence in paragraph 2? (Within 5 words)

78. Which sentence in the passage can be replaced by the following one? I would hold back my smile and stop shaking hands with people at the thought of my fault in the adventure.

79. What would you do when someone does something wrong to you indeliberately? Why? (within 30 words)

80. Translate the underlined sentence in the last paragraph into Chinese.

C (2014 届·西安市质量检测) More than half of rich Americans have not shown their full wealth to their children,a new survey showed last Tuesday. The survey,published by the Bank of America,studied the rich with $3 million or more in assets.It found that “surprisingly few of those surveyed have well?developed plans to preserve and pass on their assets to their children”. The majority of the 457 people surveyed are self?made , first?generation rich.Fifty?two percent of parents have chosen not to tell their children just

how wealthy they are,and 15 percent have given away nothing about the family wealth.One in three parents said they had never thought to do it. They are worried that their children would become lazy,spend money freely, make bad decisions and even become a target for gold diggers. Only 34 percent strongly agreed that their children would be able to handle any inheritance (遗产) they plan to leave them. “There is an expectation about the wealthy parents that they have a responsibility to pass down their fortune to the next generation,” said Sallie Krawcheck,president of the Global Wealth and Investment Management of the Bank of America.“Our research , however , uncovered changing views of what one generation owes the next.” The trend is led by the world’s richest man Bill Gates,who promised in 2008 that he would leave his $58 billion fortune to the charity started by him and his wife, the Bill and Malinda Gates Foundation (基金会), and not to his children. “We want to give it back to society in the way that it will have the most positive impact,” he said. Of his plans for his children,Gates said:“I will give the kids some money but not a meaningful percentage...they will need to work but they will feel reasonably taken care of.” 5.We can learn from the passage that________. A.rich parents may not know how to manage their inheritance B.rich parents don’t equal rich kids,at least in the US C.American children don’t get to inherit their parents’ wealth D.poor children don’t expect themselves to be as rich as their parents 6.According to the survey,most rich Americans________. A.think they owe their children nothing B.think it best to give their money back to society C.doubt their children’s ability to handle wealth D.are confident of their children’s ability to handle wealth 7.The underlined word “they” in Paragraph 6 refers to________. A.responsible children C.first?generation rich B.Bill Gates and his wife D.rich parents

8.From the last paragraph,we can see that Bill Gates wants to show________. A.the trend of leaving no inheritance to children

B.the positive impact of charity on society C.the way of giving back to society D.the importance of independence for children D Sep.30 I moved into the dormitory today—an ugly building and near a busy main road too.My room is small but quite pleasant.I must get some posters for the walls, though.I met a few fellow students at supper (the food was awful!)They all look much younger than me.They are, of course! Oct.07 Lectures began last Monday . So far they haven't been very interesting (except for the man who lectures on drama.He's first class) .Personally, I'd much rather go to the library and read, but I have to attend ten lectures a week.Those are the "rules"! Well, at least you meet people there. Oct.12 I realiy don't like life in the dormitory at all.The food is bad and the students are noisy.They stay up half the night and play games just outside my room.When on earth do they sleep? When do they work? Besides, I don't like my room.It's just like living in a box! It looks even smaller now, with the posters on the wall.I am wondering how long it will he before I can feel as comfortable as I did living in my high school dormitory. Oct.26 I tried to explain some of my problems to my supervisor today.She listened —but that was about all."You have to go to lectures, you know, Ann," she lold me. ''And the dormitory is cheap and convenient. " "Cheap and convenient"! Well. il isn't "cheap" if you can't eat the food and it isn't "convenient" if you can't sleep at night! Oct.30 I can’t believe it ! Three other students—I met them at a lecture and they' re all about my own age—have invited me to share a flat with them.It's in an

old house and it has its own kitchen, so

we can cook for ourselves.And my

room—righy at the top of the house—is fantastic! Nov.10 I moved into my new room last Sunday.I feel really happy.Life is going to be so much more fun from now on! 56.The above writing is diary entries of A.a high school student's spring semester B.a high school student's fall semester C.a college student's spring semester D.a college student's fall semester .

57.Which of the following is NOT the reason why the writer disliked the first dormitory? A.It was messy. C.It was noisy. B.It was small. D.The food was bad.

58.Which of the following statements about the writer's teachers and lectures is RIGHT? A.She benefited a lot from the talk with the supervisor. B.She didn't like any of the lectures there. C.She liked the lectures by the drama teacher. D.She found all the lectures were interesting. 59.The event happening on Oct.30 can be thought of as a ___. A.nightmare B.turning point C.lesson D.disappointment

60.The writer likes the new room very much because ______. A.she will have some seniors help with the studies B.she won't have to bear terrible dormitory foods C.she won't have to go a long way to attend lectures D.she will pay less rent than she did living in the dorm A 65【答案】C。

【 解 析 】 推理 判 断题 。由 前 三 段 话可 知 答案 ,尤 其 是 第 一段 中的 an unhealthy competition 可知答案为:C。 66【答案】B。 【解析】细节判断题。由第五段话 Now with only one bookshop in town, business was better for George. But sometimes he sat in his narrow , old kitchen and gazed out of the dirty window , thinking about his former rival (竞争对手) 。Perhaps he missed him?中的 sometimes 可知答案。 67【答案】D 【解析】细节判断题。由倒数第二段中的:But while he was having lunch, George glanced at the photo in the newspaper that the book had been wrapped in 可知 答案。 68【答案】D。 【解析】推理判断题。由最后一段话可知,Richard 成为了 millionaire,而 George 仍然是一个小书店的老板。 B 76. Forgiveness is a good quality. 77. forgive you 78. The thought of my guilt would stop me in the middle of a smile or a handshake. 79. (One possible answer) I would surely forgive him because through forgiveness, a person would soon get out of his disturbance and learn from his mistakes and the kindness is sure to pass on. 80. 但是,原谅我们的过失并不意味着无视其存在,而是要诚实地、现实地面对它们。


语篇解读: 调查表明,大部分美国富人不愿向孩子炫富,甚至不打算将丰厚的资产传 给后代。 5.解析: 推理判断题。第二段的后半部分提到在被调查的美国富人中,几乎没有人 计划为他们的孩子保留资产或者将资产传给孩子, 由此可推断在美国, 父母富有并不意 味着孩子富有。 答案: B

6.解析: 推理判断题。根据第四段内容可推知,大部分美国富人怀疑他们的孩子处 理财富的能力。 答案: C 7.解析: 猜测词义题。人们期望富裕的父母把他们的财富传给下一代,此处 they 指代的是画线词前面的“the wealthy parents”,即“rich parents”。 答案: D 8.解析: 推理判断题。根据本段中比尔·盖茨所说的话可推知,他更强调孩子的个 人奋斗,认为培养孩子的自立很重要。 答案: D D 56—60DACBB


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