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1. 食用蜗牛– 闻名世界的法国菜

红酒 & 蜗牛是法国最出名的美食

公元前,罗马人就认为蜗牛是 最美味的食物 -> 使人精力充沛 -> 延缓皮肤衰老 -> 缓解关节炎


2. 黏液素“Mucin

” – 蜗牛的神秘力量

蜗牛养殖户们发现,从他们开始接触蜗牛, 他们的手就变得越来越细腻。

“Mucin” 包含了多种蜗牛分泌 的蛋白。 这就是蜗牛神秘力量的秘密。


2.黏液素“Mucin” – 蜗牛的神秘力量
学名: Acusta despecta

营养因子:蛋白54.29%, 脂质 4.18%, 糖类 30.45%,

1) 很快更新破损的外壳 2) 愈合伤口

3) 保湿

2.黏液素“Mucin” – 蜗牛的神秘力量
? 蜗牛分泌物的主要成分
氨基葡聚糖 (硫酸软骨素) - 软骨的主要成分 - 湿润粘液样的成分 胶原蛋白 & 弹性蛋白 - 保持皮肤弹性

羟基乙酸 - AHA (去角质) - 预防皮肤问题 尿囊素 - 舒缓 - 缩小毛孔

维生素 - 必需营养成分 - 抗氧化

=> 蜗牛分泌物中的所有成分对皮肤都真正有益。

2. “Mucin” – the secret power of snail
? 氨基葡聚糖 (GAGs) 或粘多糖 are long unbranched polysaccharides consisting of a repeating disaccharide unit.

Chondroitin sulfate (most prevalent GAGs)

Hyaluronan (also called hyaluronic acid)

? an important component of connective tissues ? may be covalently linked to a protein to form proteoglycans ? water sticks to GAGs


3. How to get “Mucin”

only collect snail secretion safely without killing


4. Safety and Efficacy Data - Safety
Cell Toxicity of LS-Mucin

The cytotoxicity is significant (P <0.05) and the values are mean ± S.E.

LS-Mucin has no cell toxicity upto 2% => Very Safe


4. Safety and Efficacy Data – Moisturizing Effect
Moisturizing Effect of LS-Mucin

At 22 ℃ & humidity (45-50%), apply the samples on the beneath of arms and then check the moisture content every 30 minutes. => LS-Mucin keep the higher moisture content than 20% BG


4. Safety and Efficacy Data – Cell Regeneration
Skin Cell Regeneration of LS-Mucin (1)

The cell proliferation indicated by percentage of viable cells in comparison with that Of 0.5% FBS DMEM (control). Various concentrations of LS-Mucin were treated Directly on human normal fibroblast cells (HDFs). The cell proliferation is significant (P<0.05) and the values are mean ± S.E.

LS-Mucin stimulate the cell proliferation of human fibroblast cells even at the concentration of 0.25%.


4. Safety and Efficacy Data – Cell Regeneration
Skin Cell Regeneration of LS-Mucin (2)

No treated cells

Cells treated with 1% LS-Mucin

LS-Mucin increases the cell division of human fibroblast cells. Therefore, the cell treated with LS-Mucin is more crowded.


4. Safety and Efficacy Data – Collagen Synthesis
Stimulation of Collagen synthesis

8 weeks mice treated with placebo cream or 5% LS-Mucin cream. After 28 days, check the collagen content (collagen is dyed in blue)
=> 5% LS-Mucin strongly increase the collagen synthesis

4. Safety and Efficacy Data – Clinical Data
Day 0 Day 28

Clinical Test
? 22 Korean women aged from 32 ~ 46 year old ? Apply 5% LS-Mucin cream twice a day for 28 days

? Increase skin moisture content (14.74 -> 20.96, by corneometer) ? Increase skin elasticity (23.41 -> 32.22, by cutometer) ? Improve the winkle of R1 & R2 => 5% LS-Mucin cream has improved the skin wrinkles, elasticity, and moisture content on the face

4. Formulation Tips
? INCI Name : Water, Butylene Glycol, Glycosaminoglycans ? Stability in pH and temperature

? Stable at 42 ℃ for 6 months
? Stable in wide range of pH (pH 4~6) ? Store at room temperature & keep in a tightly sealed dark container ? Compatible with most cosmetic ingredients ? Add it after emulsification under 45 ℃ ? Applicable to cream, lotion, mask pack and so on ? Recommendation dosage : 3~20% (Preferrablly > 5%)


4. Formulation Tips
? How to make viscous liquid cream like snail secretion ? 5% LS-Mucin + 5% KimGel (Guide Formulation available)

? KimGel (Acrylates copolymer) ? Ready-to-use aqueous solution ? Achieve the viscosity and glutinous feeling of your cream

4. Summary of LS-Mucin
1) Obtain snail secretion from living snails. It doesn’t hurt snails at all 2) No cell toxicity => very safe 3) Powerful moisturizing effect and skin cell regeneration 4) Stimulation of collagen synthesis

5) Relaxing skin trouble and removing fine wrinkles (In-vivo test)
6) High content of Glycosaminoglycans (GAGs)

Soft viscous feeling of snail cream

Soft and moisty & fast absorption

Long lasting skin elastic & moisturizing

Recommend to combine KimGel for better skin feeling

Product Profile (PRESTIGE Crème d’escargot) – 1/3


Product Profile (PRESTIGE Crème d’escargot) – 2/3
PRESTIGE Crème d’escargot
Dermatologist test done Clinical skin solution “It’s skin” [Double functional cosmetics for anti-wrinkle and skin whitening] Contain 12,600mg (21% concentration) of snail secretion filtrate which is a surprising skin recovery secret of snail and E.G.F for new cell stimulation
E.G.F. added separately

This product makes a great feature of snail secretion filtrate so called “mucin”, mucous liquid from snail as a main ingredient. It will recover your bright and clean skin as well as fastly removing blemish or wound on your skin.


Product Profile (PRESTIGE Crème d’escargot) – 3/3
Complete Solution Skin Care System
? E.G.F. Lifting Care Program

? Whitening & Reduces Wrinkle Care Program (Arbutin added separately) ? Trouble & Repairs Care Program ? Smooth & Moisturizing Care Program

Main Ingredients
? Snail secretion filtrate (21%) - major ? Artutin and adenosine ? E.G.F. and peptide

? Various plant extracts


Product Profile – Other Various Brands


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