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A. arrive or ap

pear B. reach C. disappear D. look up ⑤. From the last paragraph we can see that__C_____. A. the police have begun to look into space. B. the police didn’t believe what Kelly and other people said at all C. the police will also try to find out some other possibilities D. the police have found out that someone had made up the story of Justin’s missing 3. Answer the following questions according to the text. (学习建议)限时五分钟阅读 ① Where does Justin Foster live? (no more than 6 words) __He lived in Dover,ew Hampshire_________________________________________ ② What does the alien look like? (no more than 9 words) They are white-skinned and have large black eyes. ③ Where was Mr. Foster when the incident happened that night? (no more than 10 words) He was working that night on his road construction job. ④ Why did the aliens take Mrs. Marvis Wood away? (no more than 8 words) Because ( F ) (T ) (T ) ) they wanted to do research on her._______________________________________________________ ⑤ Who is in charge of the case ?(no more than 2 words) ___Detective Sam Peterson_________________________________________________________ 二 二轮阅读找难点(学习建议)在文中勾画出单词、短语、重点句型。并结合语境猜测其含义 (1)单词: 1 incident 发生的事情 2 disappear 消失 3 witness 目击 4 assume 假定 10.evidence 证据 5 construction 建设 11.amazing 令人惊奇的 6 occur 发生 9 case 案子 12.dismiss 不予考虑 7 aboard 上(飞机,船…) 8 possibility 可能性 包科领导签字:

Period 1 Welcome to the unit& reading 编制人:梁艳美 审批人: 【学习目标】 1 深入理解课文,掌握课文中的词汇、短语,提升阅读理解能力。 2 自主学习、合作探究;学会怎样阅读报刊文章。 3 了解一些世界上不可解释的事物。 重点:把握主旨,透切理解课文。 难点:学会阅读报刊文章 预习案 previewing case 使用说明&学法指导:1. 在预习时要把课文通读三遍(第一轮)通读教材,完成表层理解题, (第二轮)勾画文中疑难点(第三轮)读教材进行填空。2.完成时间 30 分钟 I. Brainstorming 1. What do you know about UFOs ? Have you ever heard anything about that? 2. How do you feel about them? Are you a bit curious? II. 教材助读(三轮阅读) 一. 一轮阅读做题目: (学习建议)限时五分钟阅读,完成表层理解题 Read the passage and finish the following exercises. 1. Decide whether the following statements are true or false. ① Justin Foster, a high school student, was last seen Wednesday night. ② The witnesses saw Justin walking home at 11:00 p.m. ④ The aliens were yellow-skinned with large black eyes. 2. ( (F

③ Kelley heard her brother, Justin Foster, put on his favorite CD that night. F ) ⑤ Mrs Mavis Wood said that she had ever been taken away by the aliens.

Choose the best answers according to the text: (学习建议)限时 6 分钟阅读,深入理解课 文

①. According paragraph 1, __A_______. A. Justin was killed by Yetis B. people showed great interest in Justin Foster’s being missing C. the police have discovered the truth of Justin’s being missing D. Justin went lost last night ② Justin Foster _C______ that night before he went missing . A. played basketball C. played baseball B. went to the concert D. played football

③ According to Paragraphs 4-6, we know that __D_______. A. the light that Kelley saw was the light of the full moon B. the spaceship had white lights all over C. Kelly saw the aliens take Justin away D. Kelly was quite sure that the aliens took Justin away ④. In the seventh paragraph, “show up” means__A_____.

(2)短语: 1 step up 加紧____________________ 2 go missing ______不见了________________ 3 due to_____ 因 为 _________________ 4 do research on___ 做 关 于 · · · ·的研究 ______________________ 5 take away______带走___________ 6 take charge of____负责,掌管_________________ 7 make up_______编造________________ 8 look into__调查_______________________ (学习建议)在第三次阅读课文后,尝试不参照原文完成下列短文 Justin Foster, a fifteen-year-old boy, went missing hree days ago. He went to play baseball with two friends 1.__on__ Friday night and was last seen walking towards his home at 10:45 p.m.

Justin’s sister Kelly heard 2.—her --- brother return home. Around midnight, a bright light woke her up and she was frightened to find 3.---a-- large spaceship flying, inside were lots of strange creatures. There was a flash of light and she heard Justin cry and then the UFO disappeared. Although Kelly told her mother 4.--what-- she had seen and heard, Mrs. Foster didn’t take it seriously. Assuming that her daughter was having a dream, she just sent her to bed. Some people in Dover, claim5.--that--- they witnessed aliens that night. Mrs. Marvis Wood said that the aliens took her aboard the UFO to do research on her.6. -Luckily-----, she was returned home without being injured. Detective Sam Peterson was7.--in--- charge of the case. He told the journalists that they were looking into other possibilities and they wouldn’t give up 8. -until---- they found out what had happened. 思考 湖南卷完型填空题二的题型特点及解题方法 新闻文章阅读探究案(exploring case) 探究一:标题探案 1. Is there anything wrong with the title according to the grammar? 2. What is the complete title? 3. Why did the writer use an incomplete sentence as its title? 4. Can you name some other features (特征) of a news title? 探究二语篇探究 1.Read the first paragraph carefully and discuss what kind of information can we get ? 2.Read the rest part of the passage and try to use one sentence to summarize it 3 .Discuss how to read a newspaper article ? 4.Interview Suppose you are a reporter from China Daily. You are making a face-to-face interview with Mr. Foster,Mrs. Foster ,Kelly,Detective Sam Peterson and some other witness. The following words and phrases will help you. Kelly:heard sb. return … put on … pull back … see … spaceship inside … creatures …hear … shout …disappear … tried to wake up… … sent to bed Mrs Marvis Wood:Aliens took … aboard so that …Luckily, … without injuries.I think Justin was … Sam Peterson… haven’t dismissed …… looking into …… sometimes make up … … not give up … I.学贵有疑-我思考,我收获 通过以上学习,请把你尚有的疑问写下来与同学们进一步探讨。 能力提升 What do you think of the unexplained in the world? III.总结反馈 回扣本节课内容,从课文理解和长句难句分析方面进行二次领会和记忆。 我的收获(反思静悟、体验成功) IV.课后学习指导 牢记课文中的基础知识并背诵课文

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