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浙江省苍南县勤奋高级中学高考英语复习 书面表达专练8

高考书面表达专练( (共八节)
—第八节) 通知(Announcement)与海报(Poster) 美文欣赏(Enjoy Reading) ① 口头通知 Boys and girls, May I have your attention, please? I have an announcement to make. The Student Union is going to hold a party on Saturday evening, August 15, to welcome our friends from the United States. The party will be held in the roof garden of the Main Building. It will begin at 7:30 p.m. There will be music, dancing, singing, games and exchanging of gifts. Everybody may bring a small gift for this purpose. Remember to wrap it up, sign your name and write a few words of good wishes. Don’t forget: 7:30, Saturday evening, roof garden, Main Building. There is sure to be a lot of fun. Everybody is welcome. 这是 NMET94 参考范文, 略 做修改。学习时请注意以下几 点: 1. 口头通知的套话及格 式; 2. 文中所用表示将来的 不同形式; 3. 时间、地点从小到大 的排列方式; 4. 主动、被动不同句式 及肯定、否定祈使句 的应用。 5. 多项并列时单词词性 的对等问题。 (划线部 分) 推荐背诵文段

② 书面通知 English Teaching & Research Group NOTICE There will be an English lecture on the differences between American English and British English by a famous English professor ,Mr. Alexander, the author of Follow Me and New Concept English which are well known to us all. It will be given in the Lecture Hall from 7:00 to 9:00 on Saturday evening, September 23. Those who are interested in it are warmly welcome. And you may also invite your friends of other schools to attend it. Be sure not to be late. After the lecture, you may have a picture taken with Mr. Alexander. September 20,2003 ③ 海报 POSTER Friendly Basketball Match All Are Welcome Organized by the Student Union of our school, a

书面通知的三大特点: 1. 句子较长, 结构相对复杂; 2. 无 称 呼 , 有 标 题 : NOTICE/ANNOUNCEMENT; 3. 发文单位置于顶部或右下 角,时间多置于左下角。 推荐背诵文段

仔细读读,会发现: 1.“海报”的写法与“书面 通知”是相同的!


friendly basketball match will be held between No. 2 Middle School team and ours on the basketball court at 4 p.m. on Saturday, June 10,2003. Thursday, June 8 The School Student Union

2. 标题的位置与写法。 推荐背诵文段

常用表达法(Useful Expressions) (一) 通知种类:口头通知和书面通知 (二) 格式要求:书面通知和海报 1. 要有标题:NOTICE 或 ANNOUNCEMENT;POSTER; 2. 单位名称:写在最上方或正文下方右侧; 3. 通知日期:写在左下角或省略。 美国习惯:May 15(th),2003;英国习惯:15(th) May,2003。 4. 通知人称:发受双方多用第三人称或依据题目要求。 5. 语言文体:多用书面语。 亦可用一些常见符号(特别是海报中) &(and), @(email),$(dollars) 等。 (三) 基本要点 力求简明扼要,抓住五个要点 1. 什么时间 2. 什么地点 3. 有何事情 4. 谁来参加 5. 注意事项 (三) 常用套语:口头通知 1. Salute Ladies and gentlemen; Boys and girls; Comrades ① 一律顶格写。 ② 美国人在称呼后用冒号,英国人用逗号。 2. Getting silence May I have your attention, please? Attention please, everyone! Be quiet, please. Please stop talking. 3. Beginning an announcement I have an announcement to make. I have good news for you all. I have something important to tell you. There’s been a change in our time schedule(表)this week. 4. Body (1) 发通知单位可在正文中提及,也可不说; (2) 发通知时间不必说; (3) 可用口语体或缩略式 (4) 多用将来时态或表示将来的时态或形式。 ① be going to do


The Student Union is going to hold a party on Saturday evening, August 15,?(NMET94) ② will do something A. On Saturday 22 July there will be visits to different places.(MET89) B. The party will be held in the roof garden of the Main Building.(NMET94) C. We’ll have our picnic lunch there in the small woods by the lake.(NMET95) ③ be to do something A.We are to visit the museum after lunch. B.The meeting is to be held on Friday. ④ The Imperative Mood(用祈使语气) A. Do come!(NMET95) B. Don’t forget:7:30,Saturday evening, roof garden, Main Building.(NMET94) ⑤ The Present Indefinite(用一般现在时) The meeting starts at 6 pm.. 注:仅限于某些动词:be,get,start,set 等。 ⑥ The Present Continuous(用现在进行时) We’re so glad you are coming to join us on Sunday.(NMET95) 注:仅限于某些动词:go ,come,待 leave, have, stay, do ,play, return 等 ⑦ be about to do something The American guests are about to leave at 5 in the afternoon. 5. Ending an announcement That’s all. Thank you. Thank you (for your attention). Don’t forget, will you? Everyone is welcome. Don’t be late, please. Please be there on time. 写作练习 1.请依据以下信息写一则通知。 (120 词左右) 活 目 动 的 英语演讲比赛(English-speaking Contest) 提高英语口语 学生会(the Student Union) 高中(senior)学生 5 月 25 日以前 (报名:sign up) 学生会办公室 6 月 9 日下午 4:00 教学楼 5 楼礼堂(auditorium) 前5名

组 织 者 参加范围 报名时间 报名地点 比赛时间 比赛地点 奖 励


2.(MET89)一个国际青年团正在访问我国城市,你负责安排他们的参观活动。请起草一份通 知,准备向参观团团员宣读。通知必须用一段话说明以下几点: 1) 参观日期:7 月 22 日,星期六。 时间:早餐后 8 点出发。午餐在参观地点吃。下午回来。 2) 参观内容:分四组,每组参观一个地方:工厂、学校、农场或医院。 3) 欢迎每人参加一组活动。 请选择好参观地点, 并在今晚 9 点前到服务台 (the Service Desk)签名。 习作点评 ① NOTICE In order to improve the speaking ability of students, the Students’ Union has decided to organize a English speaking Contest. The English speaking Contest is going to be held in the school’s auditorium in the fifth floor at th 4:00 p.m. on June 9 . All the students who are in senior school are welcome to this activity. Those who want to take part in the contest are requested to sign up for it at the Student’s Union office th before May 25 . If you are one of the first five students, you will receive a beautiful present from the Student’s Union. The Student’s Union ② Ladies and gentlemen, Welcome to our city. I’d like to show the case so that you can have a good trip. nd We will visit the city on July. 22 , Saturday. After we have a breakfast, we will set out at eight. It is in the place which we visit that we have lunch. And then we will go back in the afternoon. The members will be divided into four groups. And each group will visit a place: Factory, School, Farm and Hospital. Welcome to attend a group for everyone. Do remember: choose the place and write your name on the Service Desk tonight. 本篇习作符合书面通知的格 式要求,表达也较为流畅、清晰, 且运用了较多的句型结构。但要 注意如下几个问题: 1.准确用好原题所给词汇, 如 the Student Union, the English-speaking Contest; 2.注意细节问题,如划线部 分; 3.最后一句中, 用 one of the first five winners 似更为贴切。

此口头通知存在较多的问 题: 1. 开头与结尾缺少必要的 套语; 2. 要点不够完整准确(通 知大忌! ) :9 点前签名; 3.冠词用法错误: After we have breakfast?, ?visit a place: a factory, a school, a farm and a hospital; 请对照参考范文改正划线 部分不妥之处。

参考范文 ① Notice We are going to have an English-speaking contest for senior students so as to


improve our oral English. It will be held in the auditorium on the 5 floor in the th teaching building at 4 pm June 9 . Those who want to take part in the contest are th supposed to come to sign up at the office of the Student Union before May 25 . All the senior students are welcome to join in the contest. The first five winners will be given prizes. Please try your best and get ready in time. Wish you success! The Student Union ②(MET89) Ladies and gentlemen, May I have your attention, please? On Saturday 22 July there will be visits to different places. Everybody is welcome. Each person can choose to go to one of the places----a factory, a farm, a school or a hospital. Please sign your name at the Service Desk before 9:00 pm. and say which place you wish to visit. We will set out after breakfast at eight and come back in the afternoon. We will have lunch at the place of visit.(or: Lunch will be served at the place of visit.) That’s all. Thank you.



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