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S1 B2 Unit 1



Ming Dynasty vase

ivory dragon boat

Mogao Caves (In China)

? It is located in India. ? It is the grave a king built for his wife. ? It showed the deep love of the king and queen.

A man who doesn’t go to The Great Wall is not a true man

in the past: To protect our countries now : to be a place for people to visit

The Leaning Tower of Pisa(比萨斜塔)
? It is the famous Italy building. ? It got the name leaning tower because it leans to the earth. ? It actually used for telling people time.

The Sports Arena of Ancient Rome
? It was located in Italy ? It was used for watching slaves fighting ? It was partly destroyed

The Great Pyramid of Giza (吉扎金字塔)
It is located in Egypt now it became the grave after the king died.

What is a cultural relic?
A cultural relic is something that has survived for a long time, often a part of something old that has remained when the rest of it has been destroyed; it tells people about the past.

What is a cultural relic?
A cultural relic is something that ?survived for a long time ?often a part of has been destroyed; ?tells people the culture or history about the past.

?Have you ever seen anything made of amber?





What do you think the text may talk about when you read such an title?

In search of the Amber Room
First ,it may talk about some specific information about the Amber Room such as who, when and how it was built Second ,to search means it was lost so it may talk about the reason why it was lost
Listen,read and check

Fast reading
Join the correct parts of the sentences together.
1.Frederick Ⅰ C had the Amber Room made. E gave it to the Czar as a gift. a troop of his best soldiers to the King of Prussia.

2.Frederick William Ⅰ
3.Peter the Great
B sent

4.Catherine Ⅱ
5.The Nazi army 6.The Russian and Germans

had it moved outside St Petersburg A stole the Amber Room F built a new Amber Room after studying pictures of the old one

The following five questions summarize the main idea of the Five paragraphs in the passage. Put the paragraph numbers in the boxes.

3 4 5 1 2

How did the Amber Room become one of the wonders of the world? How did the Amber Room get lost? How was a new Amber room built? How was the Amber Room made? Why did the King of Prussia give the Amber Room to the Czar of Russia as a gift?

Fast reading

Can you find a sentence to summarize the whole text Topic sentence
Frederic William I, the king of Prussia ,could never have imagined that his greatest gift to the Russian people would have an amazing history . Say I t Without Thinking
He could never have imagined that

his greatest gift to the Russian people

would have an amazing history .

Careful reading
The Amber Room tons Several _____ of amber were used .It had a yellow-browncolour like _______.the design was in honey ___________ _______ Details the ________ style .it was also decroratedwith gold fancy artists and _______ which took the best _______ ten years jewels to make 1 Frederick WilliamⅠ, to whom the room belonged ______ return gave it to Peter the Great In ______, he sent Frederick a troop _______ of soldiers. He used it as a What ________ hall for important visitors reception happene 2 Catherine Ⅱhad it ________ outside St Peters moved d to the burg and _______ more details to it .the room added Amber way was completed the _____ she wanted .It was Room. considered one of the wonders of the world . __________

Careful reading
The Amber Room

3.In September 1941, the two countries were at _____The Nazis went to the summer palace before war remove the Russians were able to ______ it . They secretly What _______ it . the Room was taken apart into 100,000 stole happene _________ and put into 27wooden boxes, which _______ belonged d to were sent to a German city . But after that ,what the happened to the Amber Room remains a________ mystery Amber Room. 4 Today the Russians and Germans joined hands to rebuild a new Amber room by studying the old photos of the formerd Amber Room to _________ _______ celebrate The 300th birthday of St. Peteresburg.


Suppose you are the guide of the Amber Room! You are going to introduce the Amber Room to us.

What are you going to introduce?



Suppose you are the guide of the Amber Room! You are going to introduce the Amber Room to us.

What are you going to introduce?
Frederick Ⅰ Frederick William Ⅰ

Catherine Ⅱ


gave to sb as a gift lost

added to more details rebuilt

The Nazi army

The Russian and Germans


? 1.Read the passage again, and find some difficult sentences and useful expressions. ? 2.Remember the words and phrases in the warming up and reading ? 3.Try to retell the story.

?Language points for Reading I

in search of 搜寻,寻找 search for search sb / sth 搜查某物/ 搜身 in the / one’s search for 在寻找…中 of 1) They started off at once in search ______ the missing child . 2) So far , they have been unlucky in their search ______(介词)gold and have no money left . for 3) He ______ all his pockets but failed to find his A ID. A. searched B. searched for C. in search of D. looked for

1. could have done “本能够…”(用于对过去情 况的推测,其否定形式 “can’t / couldn’t have done” ,意为 “(过去)不可能做过某事. 1)教室不可能是李平打扫的,因为他今天没 来上学. The classroom can’t have been cleaned by Li Ping because he didn’t come to school today . 2) 他对那本书一无所知,他不可能读过. He knows nothing about that book , he couldn’t have read it before.

1)His brother met him at the Great Theatre yesterday afternoon , so he ____ have attended A your lecture. A. couldn’t B. needn’t C. mustn’t D. shouldn’t 2)---Your mother was really anxious about you. ---I know. I ______ home without a word . B A. mustn’t leave B. shouldn’t have left C. couldn’t have left D. needn’t leave

5.in return 作为报答 Tom , in return , told her his history .

in return for 答谢… return ticket / trip 往返车票/旅行
return v. = go back / give …back

in return for her help 1) He bought her a gold watch _______________ (以答谢她的帮助). B 2) I came to thank you and ______ the coat you lent me . A. return B. returned C. return to D. return back 6. light v. 点燃,照亮 lit –lit
n. 光,光亮 adj.明亮的,轻的,浅色的

light up 照亮,使(光亮) She took the lighted (点燃的)candle into the dark ______ room and quickly the room ________ (照亮). lit up

3. About four metres long, the room served as a small reception hall for important visitors.

serve as 担任,充当 He served two terms as President. He served as a waiter there. When you sleep in the open, old newspapers can serve as a blanket.

4. She told her artists to add more details to its design. 她告诉他的艺术家们将设计方案再增加更多的细节。 add…to…把……加进……里去 He added that he was very pleased with our work. Please add some sugar to the milk. Add the score up. His being absent added to our difficulty. The money he spent one day added up to about $100.

7. wonder n. 奇观,壮举,奇才,惊奇,惊叹 They were filled with wonder when they saw the spaceship.
It’s a wonder (that )…难得… (It’s ) No/ Little / hardly wonder that …难怪, 并不奇怪 It’s a wonder you recognized me . No wonder he is not hungry , he has been eating sweets all day . 难怪他不饿,他整天在吃糖果.

1)I was just wondering _____ the old bike when my friend came. A. what to do with B. how should I do with C. how to do with D. how should I do with 2) ---Mary is John’s sister. ---___ she knows so much about him. A. No problem B. No doubt C. No need D. No wonder 3) --- What were you thinking just now ? --- I ___ whether he could lend me enough money . A. was wondering B. wonder C. am wondering D. will wonder

5. This was a time when the two countries were at war. 这是两国交战时期。 at war 处于战争状态,介词at可表示状 态或动作。 at peace at breakfast at rest at table at work at school at the piano at one’s best

8. remove v. 移走,脱掉 进屋后,脱掉你的帽子. Remove your hat after you enter the house . = Take off 排除,去掉 = get rid of He removed all his doubts . 开除,把…解聘/免职= dismiss He was removed from school .

1) The man was _______ from the office for some removed reasons. 2) She ________ her hat and coat. removed 3) They were taught to learn the spirit of the Foolish Old man ________ the mountain. A. removed B. moved C. who removed D. moving 4) The boy is _____ from school because he often plays truant. A. gone B. removed C. to remove D. be at 5. The man was so badly hurt that he couldn’t ____ his leg . A. remove B. move C. carry D. send

three pieces of furniture 1.There are ____________________(三件家具) in the room . 2. We have a staff of 28 but there _____ in the D office. A. haven’t many furniture B. aren’t many furnitures C. hasn’t much furniture D. isn’t enough furniture

6. There is no doubt that the boxes were then put on a train for Konigsberg, which was at that time a German city on the Baltic Sea. 毫 无疑问,这些箱子后来被装上火车运往哥尼 斯堡,当时它是波罗的海边的一个德国城市。 There is no doubt = It’s clear = It’s beyond argument

9. There is no doubt that ….对…毫无疑问/怀疑 There’s no doubt that he’ll come this afternoon.

1) ---Do you doubt ____ he’ll be fired by the school ? --- No, not a bit. A. that B. whether C. if D. about 2) --- Lily is sure to win the oral English contest . --- But I doubt ____ she will make it . A. that B. whether C. how D. when 3) I have no doubt in my mind ___ they will be glad to see me. A. if B. whether C. that D. of

Unit 1 Cultural relics


Find the word or expression for each of the following meanings from the text. 1.________ to choose carefully select rare 2.________ not seen or found very often 3.___________ welcome area in a hotel reception 4._________ to surprise somebody very much amaze less than 5.___________ no more than 6.___________made of wood wooden

In search of 7.___________ trying to find something; looking carefully for something survive 8._______ to manage to live or continue in difficulties remove 9._______ to take something away

10.______ person who creates things which can artist be considered works of art
11.________ of an earlier period or time ; former happening before 12.________ in a situation in which two sides at war fight each other

2.Complete the passage with the words below. Rare designed decorated style doubt Fancy dynasties amazing worth jewels
Chen Lei studied art history and the early dynasties of ________ style China in a university. He was able to recognize the _______ of different Cultural relics from former times, especially the Tang and Song dynasties. One day he was looking in a amazing second-hand furniture shop when he saw an _________ object among the many different vases and jewels .It was a ______ mirror________ in the Song Dynasty and decorated the _________in designed fancy ______ style of that time. He Recognized that it was a rare _______ cultural relic, but at a price he could afford, So he bought it at once. Later he gave it to his local museum. The doubt people there were very happy and Without _______ consider it one of the treasures of their collection. To them, it was worth _______ much more than Chen Lei paid.

1.to be the property of e.g.: That coat belongs to me. 2. to be a part of ; be connected with e.g.: That top belongs to this box. 3.to be a member of e.g.: He belongs to a large family.


一、关系代词: 1. who指人,作主语或宾语 (作宾语可省略)

The man who I talked with is our teacher. A person who steals things is called a thief.
2. whom指人,作宾语 (作宾语可省略, 如介词提前则不能省) The man (whom/who) I nodded to is Mr. Li. The man to whom I nodded is Professor Li.

? Mrs. Clark is angry with the goat. The goat is eating her flowers. Mrs. Clark is angry with the goat which is eating her flowers. ? Can you lend me the book? You talked about it last night. Can you lend me the book (which) you talked about last night. Can you lend me the book about which you talked last night?

? that 指人/物,作主语或宾语 (作宾语可省略)

A plane is a machine. It can fly. A plane is a machine that can fly.

He is the man. I told you about him. He is the man (that) I told you about.

4. that 指人/物,作主语或宾语 (作宾语可省略)
A plane is a machine that can fly. He is the man (that) I told you about.
? 注意:介词提前时只能用which 而不能用that 。 Is this the library from which you borrow books? from that

? that和which在指物的情况下一般都可以互换, 但在下列情况下, 一般用that而不用which。
(1) 先行词为all, everything, nothing, something, anything, little, much 等不定代词时。 I am sure she has something (that) you can borrow. (2)先行词被all, every, no, some, any, little, much等 修饰时。 I’ve read all the books that are not mine. (3)先行词被序数词或最高级修饰时。 This is the first book (that) he has read. (4)先行词被the only, the very, the same, the last修饰时。 This is the very book that belongs to him.


关系副词可代替的先行词是时间、 地点或理由的名词,在从句中作状 语。

1、关系副词when, where, why 的含义相当于 “介词+ which” 结构,因此常常和“介词+ which”结构交替使用。例如: a) 我仍然记得 我参军的 那一天。 ①I still remember the day. ②On that day I joined the army. I still remember the day when I joined the army. 或 I still remember the day on which I joined the army.

b) 这就是 我们去年住的 房屋。 ①This is the house. ②We lived in it last year.

This is the house where we lived last year. 或
This is the house in which we lived last year. 或 This is the house which we lived in last year.

c) 你知道 他迟到的 原因吗? ①Do you know the reason? ②He was late for that reason.

Do you know the reason why he was late? 或
2、当先行词是指时间、地点或原因时,并非就 用when, where, why 来引导定语从句。 例如:

Do you know the reason for which he was late?


这是我们去年参观的地方。 vt.··① ·· ·· 这是我们去年工作的地方。 vi.··② ·· ·· ①This is the place which / that we visited last year. ②This is the place where we worked last year.

我仍然记得我入团的那一天。 b) 我仍然记得我们一起度过的那一天。 ①I still remember the day when I joined the League. ②I still remember the day that / which we spent together.

3.Join the pairs of sentences using attributive clauses.
1.Here are the farmers. They discovered the underground city last month.
Here are the farmers who discovered the underground city last month.

2.Hangzhou is a famous city in China. Many people come to buy tea in that city.
Hangzhou is famous city in China, where people come to buy tea.

3.She got so angry. I don’t know the reason.
I don’t know the reason why she got so angry.

4.The old man saw some Germans taking apart the Amber Room and remove it . You are talking to an old man.
The old man, whom you are talking to, saw some Germans taking apart the Amber Room and remove it.

5.The woman remembered the day. She saw Nazis burying something near her home.
The woman remembered the day when she saw Nazis burying something near her home.

6.St Petersburg is a very beautiful city. It was once called Leningrad.
St Petersburg is a very beautiful city, which was once called Leningrad.

7.I remember the soldier. He told me not to tell anyone what I had see.
I remember the soldier who told me not to tell anyone what I had see.

8.The soldiers moved the boxes to a mine. They wanted to hide them.

The soldiers moved the boxes to a mine, where they wanted to hide them.

9.Xi’an is one of the few cities with city walls. Its walls remain as good as before. Xi’an is one of the few cities whose city walls remain as good as before. 10.Shanxi Province is a place with many cultural relics. They are well looked after. Shanxi Province is a place whose/where cultural relics are well looked after.

1. The film brought the hours back to me ____ I was taken good care of in that faraway village. A. until B. that C. when D. where 解析:本题考查定语从句。解本题得关键 是要先找准先行词“the hours”,然后理解 关系副词“when”本身在其引导的定语从句 中充当时间状语。答案C.

2. He paid the boy $ 10 for washing ten windows,most of _______ had’t been cleaned for at least a year. A. these B. those C. that D. which 解析:这是一个定语从句。定语从句的先行 词为windows。 有的考生误认为前文提到 windows,应用those 代替而选B。但those不 可用做关系代词引导定语从句。由于横线处 前有介词of不能选that。答案 D

3.Recently I bought an ancient Chinese vase, ____ was very reasonable. A. which price B. the price of which C.its price D. the price of whose 解析:此题四个代选项中都有price这一词 语,要表示Chinese vase 的价格,所以关 系代词语先行词分隔。“its price” 不表 示所有格;由于whose本身就可作定语,不 需再用of属格。故A、C、D三项均应排除。 答案B.

4. He’s got himself into a dangerous situation ____ he is likely to lose control over the plane. A. where B. which C. while D. why 解析:先行词situation作“处境”讲,引导 定语从句是使用关系代词还是使用关系副词, 决定于关系词在从句中所担任的成分。此题的 关系词在从句中担任状语,故选用A项。C、D 两项的while,why不具有引导定语从句的句法 功能。答案为A.

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