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Dear Ann, I'm happy to get your email. And I'd like to be your friend. My name is Li Hua. I'm fifteen. I'm a student of Apple Middle School. There are t

hree people in my family, my father, my mother and I. My father is a teacher. My mother is a doctor. As you know, Beijing has held the 2008 Olympic Games successfully. Many visitors from abroad came

to watch matches during the Games. They all spoke highly of China. In the end, China won 51 gold medals. I'm very proud of my country. Why not come to visit Beijing? I will show you around if you come. I think we'll have a good time. Yours Li Hua

The Bird's Nest
The Bird's Nest is one of the most amazing buildings in the world. It is in the center of Beijing Olympic Green. It is the world's largest steel structure construction stadium. It is 333 meters long from north to south, and 294 meters wide from east to west. It covers an area of 20.4 hectares, so it can seat 91,000 spectators.

During the Olympic Games, the opening and closing ceremonies were held here, as well as track and field events and soccer matches. After the Olympic Games, it is used for sports events and other large cultural activities and entertainments from home and abroad. Welcome to visit this amazing building.

Protect Water Resources
As we know, water is very important to us. There won't be lives on the earth without water. However, there are more and more factories around us, and some of them poured waste water into the rivers. They made the rivers dirty.

Therefore, it is our duty to protect water resources. First, we should save water. For example, remember to turn off the tap after you wash your hands. Second, we should stop the factories from pouring waste water into rivers. Finally, we should tell people the importance of protecting water resources. Let's work hard to protect our water resources.

Our world is facing a big problem. That is overpopulation. The population of the world is increasing quickly. Because more babies are born every year, and people are able to live longer now. However, with more and more people, there is less and less space for everyone.

Another problem is jobs. Many people go to the cities to look for work. As a result, there are not enough jobs for them. What's more, shortage of water is very serious. Less and less clean water is available.

In my opinion, I think we should do something to protect our world. Firstly, we should control our birth rate. We shouldn't have so many babies. Secondly, we should make more laws to protect our environment. We must stop factories from polluting our rivers and lakes. Let's work hard to protect our world.




a place of interest (名胜,景点 名胜, 名胜 景点) the most wonderful sight It is in the south of China. It is about 400 kilometres away from Shantou. It takes us 3 hours to fly from A to B. It was built about 2000 years ago. It is called Mount Tai.

The area is about 390 square kilometres. The Changjiang River is about 6300 kilometres long. It is 10 metres high/wide/deep. It is huge.

It is popular for sunshine, white beaches and water sports. It is famous for the strange shape of its rocks. There are mountains, small rivers, forests, and many kinds of plants and animals, such as monkey, birds, snakes. Some people think they look like soldiers, others think they look like animals.

It is a good place to visit and to spend your holiday there. spend the holidays in Sanya It attracts more and more people from all over the world. hold a big party go camping go climbing take a cable car up Mount Tai

You can stay in hotels or you can stay in tents in the park. You can taste different delicious food. You can drink Gongfu tea. get together with our friends The city has a long history with more than 300 years.

do some sightseeing go on / take a …ride/trip/tour go on a horse ride The ticket is …yuan. It is open/closed from … to…


(给建议,解决问题 m6) 给建议, 给建议

You/We should /shouldn't do sth. It's a good idea to do sth. You/We must / mustn't do sth. You/We can /can't do sth. It is better to use… Don't use plastic bags

We should stop the factories from polluting the rivers. And we should stop them from polluting the air as well. It is better to use cloth bags because you can use them again./because they're reusable. Try to use recycled paper because it saves energy.

Don't throw bottles away because it's better to recycle them. Turn off the lights so that you use less energy. Collect reusable waste and sell it for recycling. Try our best to protect the environment.

介绍英雄, 介绍英雄,抗震救灾
China's most famous heroes give his life to helping the injured people give treatment to local people perform operations on the injured people help them out I think he is the real hero.

After the earthquake happened, he stayed calm and managed to save 2 classmates. He never gave up and kept working. He tried his best to help others. I admire …most. This is because… I think … is a real hero. Because I think… look after take care of keep cool stay calm

As soon as they arrived, they started to help the local people. Although the soldiers are very tired, they keep on working. We must learn from them. didn't stop to rest never give up saved a lot of people save their lives


按要点写作,要点数字化 用连词, 按要点写作,要点数字化, 用连词, 边写边打钩 注意体裁,格式 注意体裁,

80词 = 9句话 词 句话 开头,过程,结尾) 三段论 (开头,过程,结尾) 每段要有中心句 每段要有中心句 开门见山 画龙点睛 首尾呼应

写作过程注意 分段 一段一中心 分段(一段一中心 一段一中心) 时态 不变态 讲故事用过去时 时态(不变态 不变态) 讲道理用现在时 条理清楚 思路清晰 条理清楚,思路清晰 合理运用所学短语 句型 合理运用所学短语,句型 合理运用连接词

first second third firstly secondly thirdly first of all then finally above all in a word in conclusion

and although because as a result because so for example such as

so that

草稿与书写 错误与修改


Fellow students, We are going to visit the British Museum tomorrow. It is a museum of human history and culture. Take your pens and notebooks. Listen and watch carefully and write down something interesting. Your are not allowed to touch the exhibits. Don't make any noise in the museum and don't take

any photos. If you want to get more information, you can use the computer in the museum. You have to hand in a report about the visit next Monday. We will meet at the school gate at eight in the morning and we will go there on foot. It's a good way for you to understand the history of foreign lands and the people. Don't miss it!

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