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Book 8



The Universal Language

From jazz to pop

Fast reading
? How many kinds of music are mentioned in the passage? ? Jazz ? Swing music ? R&B ? Rock & Roll ? Pop music

Music development
Time Types of Origin music Main Representinstrument ative
Louis Armstrong Folk songs of Early Trumpet black Americans Jazz Swing A kind of jazz Piano, violin, intended for dancing bass Mixture of jazz & swing Guitar & saxphone Big Joe Turner/Elvis Presley


By R&B 1949
1950s Rock &

roll 1960s Pop music

Develop from R&B

The Beatles

? Louis Armstrong is the ___________of jazz. His founding father strength lies in that he could ___________ while improvise he was playing it.

Swing music
? The difference between swing music & traditional jazz:
? ? ? ? Intended for dancing Faster Strong rhythms Swinging feel

Rock & roll
? Big Joe Turner was a black ______American singer. He released his 1st R & R song called Shake, rattle & roll ___________________ 1951 in _____. ? He didn’t achieve fame mainly due to racial discrimination ___________.

? Who discovered Elvis Presley? ? A music promoter from Memphis, Tennessee. ? Out of what purpose? ? He could make a fortune if he could find a white man who could sing like a black man. ? How do we understand “he turned out to be the answer to Philip's prayer”? ? He is the best choice for Philip. ? What was Elvis Presley good at? ? Powerful live performance.

Sam Philip

1.The Beatles broke up in 1970, but they are still very popular. 2. Beatlemania is actually some kind of mental illness. 3. In USA, it was fashionable for fans to follow its lead.

Paraphrase(explain in English)
1.The origin of early jazz are anchored in the folk songs of black Americans from the period of slavery.(line5) 2.The improvised solo performance became an essential part of every jazz song.(line13) 3.Traditional jazz went into a bit of decline.(line16) 4.a music promoter(line33) 5.A poor white boy named Elvis Presley turned out to be the answer to Philips’ prayers.(line35) 6.He was drafted into the army in 1958.(line40) 7.This left the way clear for a new frontier of pop music stars to come forward in the 1960s.(line42) 8.Beatles have almost universal appeal today.(line46)

anchor vt. 使扎根; 使基于……;主持; 使固 定;下锚 Her novels are anchored in everyday experience. 他的小说取材自日常生活经验。 She anchored the evening news for several years. 她主持了几年的晚间新闻。 Make sure the table is securely anchored. 务必要把桌子固定好。 We anchored off the coast of Spain. 我们在西班牙沿海抛锚停泊。

体会essential的含义和用法 Something that is essential is extremely important to a particular subject, situation, or activity. Teamwork is essential to/ for the success of our project. It is essential that effective measures (should) be taken to prevent water pollution. What’s the essential difference between the two political systems? The essentials are the things that are absolutely necessary for the situation you are in or for the task you are doing.

归纳总结: essential adj. 绝对必要的,极其重要的;最重要的,显著的, 根本的(做定语) be essential for / to 对……是非常重要的/绝对必要的 It is essential (for sb) to do sth (某人)做某事是重要的/ 必要的 It is essential that…表示“某人做某事是重要的/ 必要的”,从句要用虚拟语气,即should+动词 原形,其中should 可省略 类似的形容词有:strange,important, necessary, natural

一名科学工作者必须精通外语。 It is essential that a scientific worker (should) know foreign languages.

draft vt. 应征入伍; 抽调;起草 He was drafted to fight in the Vietnam War. 他曾应征参加越南战争。 Every year a lot of young men are drafted into the army. 每年有许多年青人应征入伍。 Extra police are being drafted in to control the crowds. 现正调集警力去控制人群。 draft a constitution / contract / bill 起草宪法 / 合同 / 法案

break up 解散;结束;放假;粉碎、破碎;垮掉 Their marriage has broken up. 破裂 The meeting broke up at 11 o’clock. 解散 When do you break up for the May Day holiday? 放假 The ship broke up on the rocks. 船触礁撞碎了。 He was breaking up under such strain. 过度的劳累使他快跨了。

break out (战争、火灾、瘟疫)爆发 break in 插话

break into 强行进入;突然开始

break down (机器)坏;(汽车)抛锚; (计划)失败 ,(物理)分解 break into laughter( tears, cheers)=break out laughing (crying, cheering)突然大笑 (大哭,欢呼起来) break away from 摆脱;脱离

The fire broke ___ B after they had gone home. A. in B. out C. off D. down The prison was broken ___ A all the and prisoners were set free. A. into B. in C. up D. down I would tell the story much more easily if you didn’t break ___C often. so A. into B. through C. in D. up

We’ll have to get out and walk. The car’s ___down. A A. broken B. fallen C. gone D. run He has broken ____D bad habits. the A. out of B. off C. away D. away from

cut short使停止,中断;打断,制止 听说母亲病了,她不得不中断假期。 She had to cut short her vacation when she heard that her mother was ill. 知识拓展: cut down 砍倒;疾病等夺去生命 cut in 插嘴 cut off 切掉,删去;切断(……来源) cut up 切碎,切掉;使伤心,使痛心 用介词in, off, down, up填空 The apple tree was dead and she cut it_________. The moment I began to speak, she cut _______. Take care not to cut_________ the branches Please cut _______ the vegetables.

Their electricity supply has been _______ because of the storm. A. cut out B. cut off C. cut down D. cut away

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

34. see sb as 35. go into a bit of decline 36. release one’s album 37. be based on 21. play an important role in sth 22. an essential part of sth 23. lead to sth 24. turn out to be sth 25. break up 26. be perfect for

How to make a webpage?
? How to research and what to research about a singer or a band? Think of some questions: ? When was the band founded and how? ? What musical instrument do they use? ? What songs do they sing? How about their style? ? Where do they perform?

? Discuss the questions in task B

Make a webpage
? Planning ? Work in small groups and decide which singer or band to focus on. ? Preparing ? Find as much information as you can either form a book, a magazine or from the internet. ? Producing ? Make your webpage ? Presenting ? Present your webpage to the class. Paste it on the board.

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